Pathfinder: Avengers of Westcrown

Episode Defenestration

The Defenestrators of Defenestrationplace

Action things!

  • Arael got thrown out a window by Manden!
  • Clara had twins and then proceeded to get back into being a murderperson (which is a word.
  • Mot├Żl gave a little speech about making a better world and/or lots of money. Equality!
  • The whole group toiled at cracking open The Chelish Crux (which doesn’t look like a d12 once you open it) and got yelled at by a severed demon head! (There was other stuff too but it didn’t yell or anything)

This led to two possible leads:


which are pretty much the coolest things ever to happen to people, which our heroes are. (Tolerance!)

Turns out that Janiven, Clara, and the other sister who doesn’t have a wiki entry Ailyn’s mom used to be a SEXY LADY MONK, as did Ailyn! This is probably why they’re violent! Also, sexy!

Exclamation points!

Anyway, there wasn’t an EPIC AND/OR SEXY THROWDOWN because the SEXY LADY MONKS thought that Motyl and Sakis’s very real threats of bodily mutilation were, in fact, kind of adorable.

So, our intrepid heroes proceeded to swipe all their grave candles, do a necromantic ritual for important information, and totally huff some deadguy ashes behave themselves and not be at all weird.

Also, the ninja pulled the ranger out of a book. Reading, kids!


killstring killstring

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