Pathfinder: Avengers of Westcrown

Episode "Man I Don't Even Know Anymore"

Standing on the threshold

Wundras, Manden, Motýl and Rizzardo set out to raid the Mayor’s manor, infiltrate the Asmodean Knot, and liberate the Chelish Crux!

This all totally happened.

Along the way, the crew acted in a murder play (in which Motyl had her first kiss, while pretending to be a Tiefling in front of an audience), got very drunk (well, Manden did) and proceeded to replace a stuffed Owlbear’s normal stuffing with Platinum and jewels, (Well, Erik did, and Rizzardo got to carry it home).

They then proceeded to bump back into Crowfeather, find an assassin in a Handy Haversack, free a Bearded Devil, some Gargoyles and three succubi – and recruit them one and all, as well as a Tiefling Assassin named Sian.

They also looted the fuck out of that demiplane. For real, though.

Upon returning to the Avengers HQ, moral debates were engaged regarding the nature of evil! Arael and Motyl made with the shouting, and Motyl may have let it slip that she’s a half-fiend herself, Kyton-spawn to be specific. (So she doesn’t just play one on stage)

People stormed off to calm down. Manden has yet to wake up from his booze-infused slumber, Crowfeather may have gotten a flute thrown at him, Shadowblade the Ninja got PAID, and Erik von Wundras is seriously considering a leadership role.

Man, I don’t even KNOW anymore.


killstring killstring

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