Pathfinder: Avengers of Westcrown

The story so far

The best laid plans.

Ecarrdian and Chammady Drovenge now rule the Council of Thieves. For all the good the Avengers have done, in the end, Motyl’s rival Chammady has all but succeeded in her goals.

  • The Bastards of Erebus were defeated, yet their rampages served to distract eyes from what
    the Drovenges were setting into motion.
  • While the Avengers worked to secure the two halves of an ancient artifact (becoming local celebrities in the process), the Drovenge siblings set plans in motion to seize control of Westcrown’s government.
  • The Council’s attempt to secure the aid of the imprisoned pit fiend Liebdaga failed, yet the resulting destruction and the mayor’s death (and soul being given to a nasty demon) threw the government into chaos as surely as an assault by a powerful devil could have. Motýl-Kněžna maintained that this was all the machinations of her rival, Chammady. Others helpfully illustrated that she was getting awfully power-hungry and, well, kind of evil.
  • The Drovenge’s vampiric ally Ilnerik (absolute tosser, that one) is now destroyed, the artifact has been rejoined; banishing the shadows he commanded from Westcrown’s nights. Even so, his destruction bought the siblings the time they needed to set their current plans in motion.
  • Arael, the former leader of the Avengers, has also returned to the fray; allying himself with the Inevitables: powerful outsiders from the planes of order. His motivations remain unclear, though he is known to be working with the Hellknights.

Now, the city lies in shambles; the dead don’t stay that way, the planes aren’t staying separate, and something is wrong with the fabric of reality itself, and the former spokesperson for the Avengers seems to be wrapped up in it all.

Many questions remain, but one thing is clear: Westcrown cannot take much more of this. Unless something changes soon, there won’t be a city left to save.


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