Pathfinder: Avengers of Westcrown

This is why we can't have nice things


Mysteries! They’re mysterious.

So, one of the new girls brought in another new girl to see if things could be further deciphered. After foiling an assassination plot on her family by the Council of Thieves (and to be clear; by “foil” I mean “murder the shit out of”) Scorpio decided to kick it with these fine folks for a while.

There was a party at the Devildrome! It was for you NOT YOURS CANNOT HAS. The Golden Hero of Westcrown has received accolades for things he probably didn’t do (seeing as how the Avengers had kind of already done them), and a particular assassin decided to betray the crap out of you guys, slicing up Mathalen and Amaya pretty badly, and if not for the stubbornness of Rizzardo and some timely paranoia from ShadowBlade, things could have been a lot worse due to Motýl-Kněžna Goresh going on a murderous rampage.

Wait, did that happen? It seems to depend on who you ask.

What DID happen, was Dr. Erik von Wundras going full-on Arch-lich on her/it, planar longswords slicing through chains, SCORPION PUNCHING WITH FISTS OF JUSTICE, and Sad girls with no skin.



killstring killstring

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