Pathfinder: Avengers of Westcrown

Update: Shit got real!

Like, REALLY real.

  • Mother of Flies: Dead
  • Hagwood: burned to the ground
  • 1 half of a Well of Many Worlds-type artifact: buried in rubble
  • 1 half of a Well of Many Worlds-type artifact: in Chammady Drovenge’s basement.
  • 1 diplomatic envoy with Manden Clearmug taking point: oddly successful.

Now Chammady is aware of the ugly nature of the contract regarding her brother, and clearly not cool with the whole “soul being devoured” thing.

Meanwhile, someone who may or may not be Motýl-Kněžna Goresh’s father is very clearly pulling strings in all of this; with a certain Arch-lich around wrecking shit, his plans seem altogether rushed.

The Kyton’s proposal: Talk Motýl down from whatever ledge she’s on, which will apparently mess up somebody’s grand plan, but allow him to live.

Meanwhile, the city continues its trajectory toward having more smoking craters than livable districts…


killstring killstring

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