Schir Gold

Hard-ass military-mercenary gun tank chick.


An orphan raised in the slums of Westcrown, the child who would grow up to become Schir Gold spent most of her youth involved with small gangs and petty crime. Considered something of a lucky charm to her fellow young ne’er-do-wells, their escapades often resulted in more than expected returns. Because of this frequent success and rapid accumulation of loot, the gang would often say that schemes that involved her were “sure gold.” In retrospect, this may have had more to do with her bold, reckless, and at times ruthless approach to banditry, however. While thievery was not uncommon to the typical mark, her method of aggression certainly was – she would simply strong-arm her way to the target and intimidate them through a show of force. More often than not, the fearsome tactics employed by this tall, broad-shouldered lass were off-putting enough to garner a smooth job and a clean getaway. On the streets, a girl can either be a victim or a victimizer, and Schir made a vow to herself at a young age to never become the former.

But all of this changed when the gang she’d grown to lead chose the wrong mark – a prominent member of the Council of Thieves. With her gang as-yet unrecognized by the underworld’s ruling elite, and the job itself of course an unsanctioned robbery, the Council’s retribution was swift – Schir’s gang was assassinated to a man. Somehow, she was able to escape the fate of her colleagues.

With a heightened sense of paranoia, and nowhere else to turn, Schir took steps in a direction she never would have imagined by enlisting in Westcrown’s military. Her aggressive attitude impressed her superiors, who assigned her to a special shock trooper unit of gunslingers. It was in the military that she learned basic field medic skills and she took to the life of a soldier much more quickly than she would have thought. She appreciated the camaraderie, reminiscent of her time with the gang, and the bonds of loyalty that soldiers had for each other in the field spoke deeply to the young woman whose life had to this point been fraught with danger and tenuous bonds at best.

Eventually, she was given command of a small squad whose function was to blast holes in enemy defenses to allow additional troops access. In this role, she was quite successful, leading several successful missions…until the day she received orders that flew in the face of her best instincts. Bound by her military service and the chain of command, she was forced to participate in the mission, which went terribly wrong. The past repeated itself, and everyone in her squad was killed except for her.

Now a two-time sole survivor, wracked with guilt and anger, Schir deserted her soldier life, disgusted with the callous way that soldiers under House Thrune were treated as pawns and cannon fodder for the machinations of its wicked rulers.

Now, Schir lives life as a mercenary of sorts. Still uncomfortable with a position of command, she nevertheless feels an obligation to do what she can to protect those who can’t protect themselves, and continues to place herself in harms way in combat situations. Whether this is survivors guilt, a death wish, or something more, only Schir can say for certain. She has developed a hard exterior and plays everything close to the chest. But she is loyal to those whose cause she fights for, and will be the first to the front lines.

Still, there is the nagging feeling that her past will someday catch up to her. She has cheated death twice, and made more than a few enemies in Cheliax – enough to give her a healthy dose of suspicion and paranoia.

Schir Gold

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