The Chandler Tieflets

Wow...thats a lot of little Tieflings.

Jim Chandler, Clara Chandler, and their many children moved into the Avengers base shortly after they found racist literature nailed to their door. Since then the presence of the many Tiefling children has served to brighten the lives of the Avengers of Westcrown and remind them about all that is good in the world…or something. Well, at least life is never boring.

Brynn, 18
The oldest Chandler child, Brynn, recently joined a mercenary company in Starspire.

Gareth, 16


Darci, 14

Gavin, 6

Gwenda, 3
Tiny Chaos Elemental

Zannon Gorvio, infant

Fiosa, infant


The Chandler Tieflets

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