Pathfinder: Avengers of Westcrown


Round 1-
Miri vs Sakis- flawless victory for Sakis!

Round 2-

Episode Defenestration
The Defenestrators of Defenestrationplace

Action things!

  • Arael got thrown out a window by Manden!
  • Clara had twins and then proceeded to get back into being a murderperson (which is a word.
  • Motýl gave a little speech about making a better world and/or lots of money. Equality!
  • The whole group toiled at cracking open The Chelish Crux (which doesn’t look like a d12 once you open it) and got yelled at by a severed demon head! (There was other stuff too but it didn’t yell or anything)

This led to two possible leads:


which are pretty much the coolest things ever to happen to people, which our heroes are. (Tolerance!)

Turns out that Janiven, Clara, and the other sister who doesn’t have a wiki entry Ailyn’s mom used to be a SEXY LADY MONK, as did Ailyn! This is probably why they’re violent! Also, sexy!

Exclamation points!

Anyway, there wasn’t an EPIC AND/OR SEXY THROWDOWN because the SEXY LADY MONKS thought that Motyl and Sakis’s very real threats of bodily mutilation were, in fact, kind of adorable.

So, our intrepid heroes proceeded to swipe all their grave candles, do a necromantic ritual for important information, and totally huff some deadguy ashes behave themselves and not be at all weird.

Also, the ninja pulled the ranger out of a book. Reading, kids!

Episode "Man I Don't Even Know Anymore"
Standing on the threshold

Wundras, Manden, Motýl and Rizzardo set out to raid the Mayor’s manor, infiltrate the Asmodean Knot, and liberate the Chelish Crux!

This all totally happened.

Along the way, the crew acted in a murder play (in which Motyl had her first kiss, while pretending to be a Tiefling in front of an audience), got very drunk (well, Manden did) and proceeded to replace a stuffed Owlbear’s normal stuffing with Platinum and jewels, (Well, Erik did, and Rizzardo got to carry it home).

They then proceeded to bump back into Crowfeather, find an assassin in a Handy Haversack, free a Bearded Devil, some Gargoyles and three succubi – and recruit them one and all, as well as a Tiefling Assassin named Sian.

They also looted the fuck out of that demiplane. For real, though.

Upon returning to the Avengers HQ, moral debates were engaged regarding the nature of evil! Arael and Motyl made with the shouting, and Motyl may have let it slip that she’s a half-fiend herself, Kyton-spawn to be specific. (So she doesn’t just play one on stage)

People stormed off to calm down. Manden has yet to wake up from his booze-infused slumber, Crowfeather may have gotten a flute thrown at him, Shadowblade the Ninja got PAID, and Erik von Wundras is seriously considering a leadership role.

Man, I don’t even KNOW anymore.

Episode 3
Council of Thieves

After rescuing Arael from the Hellknights our heroes return the horses that Gorvio, one of the rebels, “borrowed” from his uncle Jacovo and learned that Gorvio hadn’t exactly asked permission before borrowing them. Fortunately, a conceited opera star is having a temper tantrum at the stable which distracted Jacovo from beating his nephew and trying to get the party arrested as horse thieves. Unfortunately, the tantrum occurred because the party had taken all of the black horses which the opera star wanted to rent for his next show. This adds two people to the list of people who are not too fond of the Avengers of Westcrown.

After the incident at the stables everyone decides that what they really need is a drink or seven; so they head to the The Drunken Owlbear, a disreputable tavern in a disreputable part of town. Upon seeing a makeshift fighting ring in the corner of the bar the pary hatches a scheme to to start an impromptu fighting tournament which would end in Motyl facing off against Von Wundrass who would throw the fight. This goes surprisingly well and the party ends the evening with a great deal of gold and far more alcohol than is good for them.

During the post-fight drinking binge the party makes the acquaintance of a gnome wizard named Linni who expresses interest in getting a tissue sample from one of the shadow beasts that prowl the city at night to study. During this conversation Motyl gets a message through her wayfinder stone that offers a reward to any adventurer who can deposit the corps of one of the shadow beasts on the garbage stoop outside of the Drunken Owlbear.

As it turns out, the party is just exactly drunk enough for this. Motyl, Dwinanae, Linni, Manden,and Von Wundrass stumble off in search of a shadow beast leaving Nindra to keep an eye on Crowfeather who is passed out in a corner. They round the corner to a nearby alley just in time to see a hideous, slimy, shadow creature absorbing a stray dog. Fueled with alcohol and rage they decide to avenge the poor animal, and learn a remarkable fact about the shadowy terrors that have gripped the city in a vice of fear….they are unspeakable terrors only if they get a chance to hit you. Emboldened by a swift victory, our heroes proceed to face roll four more of the unnatural predators. In the process Motyl adopts a stray kitten which she was able to save from becoming a shadow beast’s appetizer. Upon realizing they have become far too sober, they head back to the tavern for some sleep.

The next day the party introduces Linni to the rest of the rebels, and Arael tells them about some known threats to the city. A group of goblins have apparently managed to obtain some drugs or possibly some of Von Wundrass’s discarded “prototypes” (which would explain the behavior of the goblins they encountered in the sewer)and one of them has fashioned a crown from several spoons and declared himself king loudly proclaiming his intentions to declare war on the entirety of Westcrown. The goblins are too stoned to actually take over the city, but they can do a good bit of damage while trying.

Arael also reveals to the group that he was arrested while talking to an informant about the location of The Bastards of Erebus, a dangerous gang of Tieflings who are responsible for a string of violent robberies always leaving a coin with the symbol of the archdevil Mammon behind as a calling card.

Throughout this discussion Von Wundrass begins to study a group of mutated daisies which became carnivorous after Janiven threw some of his old potions out into the flower garden. This can only end well.

Episode 2
Council of Thieves

Janiven invites the Party to sit at a large table in the back of the church’s main meeting room. There they meet the rest of the rebels includingManden Clearmug, a dwarf monk who spends the first half of the meeting passed out drunk in the corner and his friendNindra, a gnome bartender. Janiven tells the group that Arael was captured by the city guard and the Hellknights belonging to The Order of the Rack had recently been granted permission by the city government to transport him to their base, Citadel Rivad, for questioning.

He will be transported at noon the next day on a road that is generally only used by Hellknights. Janiven lays out a plan to ambush the transport and rescue Arael. The Party accompanied by Nindra and Manden hide near a bridge on the road while Janiven and the rebels hide a little further up the road just beyond a caltrip trap augmented by some small explosives courtesy of Dr. Von Wundras. When the carriage got just over the bridge the rebels jump out and shout for the Hellknights to surrender their weapons drawing the four mounted Hellknights into the trap. Once they spring the trap the other Hellknights turn the carriage around and head back onto the bridge to go to Westcrown for help. The Party jumps out and the real ambush begins. After successfully incapacitating most of the Hellknights, the two groups meet at the bridge to free Arael and discuss their next move.

Episode 1
Council of Thieves

The scene opens to a typical day in the city of Westcrown.Janiven walks into the basement laboratory of Dr. Erik von Wundraslooking for the kind of hypothetical explosives one would use to defend the perimeter of a theoretical rebel base. She orders several and asks Dr. Von Wundras to deliver them to Vizio’s tavern at 4:00 pm. She then proceeds to the Temple of Desna to pray.

While Janiven is praying Motýl-Kněžna Goresharrives from her journey. She enters the temple and is promptly greeted by Verwyn, the scatterbrained gnomish head cleric. During their conversation Verwyn finds a letter of reference from the head cleric of Motyl’s home temple and addressed to Cleric Zannon of the Westcrown Temple. Upon hearing Zannon’s name Janniven walks over and explains that Zannon was her husband, but he was murdered several months ago by a human supremicist group called Puritanum Primum. Motyl mentions that they had murdered her family as well. Janiven tells Motyl that if she wants to help the city she should come to Vizio’s tavern at 4:00.

On the way back to the tavern Janiven finds a confused traveler standing in the market place trying to get directions to an inn from a ditzy halfling woman. The traveler, a ranger named Crowfeather, had come to town to look for a job and maybe a few trinkets to take home. Janiven offers him a job and lodging and leads him to Vizio’s.

At 4, Janiven asks everyone to sit down to dinner and explains that she and a friend of hers have been trying to gather a group of people to help them defend Westcrown from the rampant crime and corruption. They hope to one day gain support an aid from the citizens, but at the moment they have a small group with little fighting experience.

During the conversation a child runs in and informs Janiven that Arael has been captured and there are Hellknights on the way to the tavern to capture the other members of the rebellion. As the party atempts to barricade the tavern door the Hellknights arrive. Dr. Von Wundras begins setting up an explosive surprise for the unexpected guests as Janiven leads the party into a secret door in one of the kitchen cupboards.

The secret door leads to a sewer underneath the city. Janiven and Arael marked out the path between Vizio’s and the rebellion’s hideout a few months earlier, but some of the arrows on the walls have been partially washed away or obscured. The party moves through the sewer looking for the arrows. They come upon an abandoned storage room used by the sewer builders and find that it has been annexed by a group of three goblins. After fighting the goblins Janiven decides to backtrack to keep other “friends” off the party’s trail and tells them to knock on the door when they get to the end.

The party moves a little further until they come upon a cesspit with two zombies. The undead prove to be resilient enemies. However, the party ultimately gains the upper hand. Dr. Von Wundras exhibits startling creativity and questionable sanity when he uses the re-dead corpse of Zombie 1 to beat Zombie 2 to death.

Finally, the party comes to an arrow pointing to a trapdoor. The door leads to an alley behind a dilapidated and apparently abandoned Temple of Aroden. As instructed, Motyl knocks on the door and finds not all is as it seems. Janiven answers the door and quickly brings the party inside. There they find that the interior of the temple has been rennovated and several people are gathred inside for some sort of meeting.


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