A note found

Many ninjas have a small pouch in their masks where they carry messages important to them. shadowblade has such a pouch and as his mask falls to the ground, the note falls out.

it reads as follows:

This is the mask of an Assassin of Westcrown who was once known as Momoru Takahashi. The name that anyone still alive knew me as was Shadowblade. If you are the one who felled me, you are skilled to have managed such a feat. In life I attempted to approach all jobs with a sense of professionality, often the only thing that kept me sane. Do a job, Do it well. The same goes for death. If I could choose what would be done of my remains(or whatever is leftover), there is a cherry blossom tree in the Shin Ninjitsu monastery overlooking a reflecting pool. Please tie my mask to a branch on the tree overlooking the water. As for what I’m carrying, i wish it to be split up between the Avengers Of Westcrown(first pick to Manden Clearmug) and The assassin known as Sakakku(she should receive my katana).

I have a number of safe houses located around the city with basic equipment and survival materials. These are all to become property of the Avengers of westcrown. they are located at…

//the locations are transcribed in pictograms of ninja sign language. Any ninja from shadowblade’s school can decode this and also Manden clearmug who took the time to learn it.

In the first Safehouse there is a storage chest. it holds several binders listing every contract i have ever carried out. the chest next to it also holds a small token as proof of each kill(they are labelled in the binder). Make sure my legacy is known on the underworld, there are copies of the binders in safehouses 4 and 7.

Finally, I wish it to be known that I wrote this note before Moving against Accardian Drovenge and his so called ‘Heroes of Westcrown’. It is possible that this move shall get me killed. I feel fully Justified in my actions but i am not going to explain them. I want it known that I have finally found myself. I found what i want, what i like, and what i live for. Sakakku is the love of my life. Manden Clearmug and Motýl-Kněžna Goresh are my first, greatest, and only true friends. What I have done, I’ve done it for them. I’ve made my peace and now I move for the kill.

A note found

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