Break Schedule

This would probably make a better forum thing, but having a wiki page makes it look like a more official announcement.

When are we playing?

We can figure out campaigns later- for now, we do have “Devildrome Christmas Special” lined up, and this really shouldn’t even take any GMing. I think that, for something like this, everyone should just get equal say if something is stupidly improbable (in a bad way- I mean, a velociraptor leaping up to save a sniper, that is the right kind of improbable). So no one really needs GM responsibility for that, my point, so no stress or anything at all like that either.

So we have an event lined up, and, I mean, Thursday, alright, that’s our norm, unless peoples’ plans have changed, or… That’s sort of it. Can people be on Roll20 at 8(?) on Thursday (?) night?

Or, better yet, can someone with more info post something more solid and informative about this, to be an actual schedule? There’s a lot of “moving” and “holidays” and whatnot going on for everyone, but this whole Devildrome thing is awesome because we could just have a few people and still just duel while everyone gets their lives and schedules worked out.

We just need some times and dates and names.

Break Schedule

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