Day 1

So… A drunken dwarf threw a racist half-elf out of a window, and… I don’t even know. I see and understand that there’s a lot of emotion going on, but honestly, I don’t know if I’m ready to invest in it yet. I understand the heated words and I have an opinion, but I lack the will to fight in this. We are allies but we are all expendable, except for maybe Motyl… But even then, I don’t know.

We talked more. We had done enough talking, I thought, but they disagreed. So we sat and talked more. At some point, Shadowblade snuck away, and I was a bit jealous when I realized. Finally, there was some yelling, and a severed head… Even still, I knew that I wasn’t being paid to be a tactician here. We had some leads and could talk to the dead, so we set off.

This led us to “sexy” female monks. Manden jumped over a gate in some kind of ill-planned fantasy to… I don’t even know. They recognized some amongst us, but I could barely tell the faces of those that I knew from whom I didn’t. It had been maybe hours that passed, so I was a bit glad that there was no fighting, because I doubt that I could tell many friends or foes. I did notice that they took interest in Motyl. I tried to… Defend? … I tried to defend her, I think. I don’t understand. And when they took interest in her, and took her inside, I followed. They weren’t afraid of me- and she can handle herself rather well- but I did not like the looks that they were exchanging…

In whatever task we had, we succeeded, at least. Rather, Shadowblade succeeded- the man lives up to his reputation on the streets, and I am glad that, at least for now, we aren’t on opposite sides of the field. He could have done this alone. It seems that we have clues or direction or something of that nature, and poetry that is even worse than that barbarian’s jokes.

I felt the same almost primal rage when I saw the half-orc smile at the women with us that I did when the monks tried to take her in private. I could feel Socothbenoth paying attention… And I think I’m starting to understand what this is. The demon lord of perversion, interested in these strange, unknown feelings of mine, towards someone a bit dark on their own? I don’t even need to wait for meditation to know his answer to my question… I guess that the only question now is if we will ever end up in her room downstairs. And because I cannot simply kill all of my competition for once… This may be a competition that I put little effort into. This is not something that I understand.

We bonded, I think, when we bet on the dwarf’s fight. I didn’t even mind losing the bet to her, which is… Very unusual. Even though the drunkard won, he flailed around and missed nearly as many times as his blows hit… While I’m assured that he’s good at what he does… And I don’t think that I could stay sober, following rules like a damned slave to some god or human laws… I don’t know what to think of him yet. I don’t need to enjoy his presence- it’s distinctly unpleasant. But this revolution needs to work… And so far, we have this dwarf and an archer that talks to… something, himself, maybe. Shadowblade is competent, as is Wundras. And Motyl as well… But… Maybe time and some actual combat will allow me to see everyone as they truly are.

Still, only several hours have passed since this began. But I will have much to meditate upon today.

Day 1

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