International Exotic Goods Emporium

The Avengers’ International Exotic Goods Emporium is an Elf, Tiefling, and admittedly, Goblin-run store where one can buy “Traditional Handcrafted Jewelry” (Goblins have traditions too) as well as Or’keth drums, Elven fabrics, Tiefling Fiendbrew Tea, and other various and sundry goods of non-human and international origin.

This serves several purposes. Firstly, this was a great big “fuck you” to the Puritanum Primum, who used to base out of the building when it was a Clockmaker’s. With Jim the Tiefling’s help, Motyl became the legal owner of the establishment via “I murdered someone horribly and am now seizing their assets” forms.

Cheliax does in fact love its paperwork.

Secondly, the AIEGE, which sounds kind of like some Elven bullshit if you say it with the right lilt – Aiege – functions as a second set of eyes and ears within the city, and a base of operations to coordinate with the Avengers’ larger network of allies.

Plus, you can buy an authentic potion of Cure Light Goblin! (Warning: unsafe to ingest if you are a goblin, or do not possess poison immunity or the ability to spontaneously regenerate lost organs. A.I.E.G.E incorporated does not assume any responsibility for damage due to potion imbibement.)

International Exotic Goods Emporium

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