Westcrown's Government

… sucks.


The Lord Mayor controls both the dottari (delegate City Wardens, handling the streets, waterways, northern ruins, and palace) and the city’s taxation system. The present mayor is Aberian Arvanxi, appointed to his role by Queen Abrogail in 4689 AR. Unsubstantiated rumor has it that he played a part in the sudden and surprising demise of his predecessor, Arthan Challas.

(Substantiated rumor has it that he’s an ass, who just got robbed blind by some enterprising citizens.)

Arvanxi has a great love for Chelish opera, and has contributed heavily to local opera houses and entertainment halls, auspiciously for “the betterment of public diversions to raise the hearts and minds of all Wiscrani.” On the whole Arvanxi is seen as spiteful and incompetent, but, because he isn’t meddling, he has decent local support for his office.

The Mayor resides in a manor known as Aberian’s Folly, a sprawling, lavish estate made famous by the rumor that an imprisoned devil is used to provide the energy needed to run the manor.

Said manor now houses significantly fewer enslaved devils, demons, gargoyles, and wealth. This is maybe for the better?

Westcrown's Government

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