Clara Chandler

Jim's wife, mother of the horde of Tiefling children running around, and general dagger wielding badass


Jim Chandler (Husband)
Janiven Chandler (Sister and sister in law…yeah it’s a complicated family)
Zanon Chandler (Deceased, Jim’s late brother and Janiven’s late husband)
Ailyn Ghontsavos (Sister)
Brynn Chandler (Daughter, age 18)
Gareth Chandler (Son, age 16)
Declan Chandler (Son, age 14)
Darci Chandler (Daughter, age 14)
Gavin Chandler (Son, age 6)
Gwenda Chandler (Daughter, age 3)
Zanon Gorvio Chandler (Son, Newborn)
Fiosa Chandler (Daughter, Newborn)


Clara Chandler

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