Dr. Erik von Wundras

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world


Dr. von Wundras is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma shrouded in a cloud of Mutagen fumes. Except, of course, that the cloud seems to be thinning of late, and his constant haze seems to be clearing up…

Not everyone will like what they see.

The noble house von Wundras has long since written Erik off as an abject failure, shame to the family name, and general waste of space. Until recently, Erik might have agreed with this assessment, were he possessing of enough of his senses to contemplate such things. Now, however, he is remembering what it was to be noble, and was it was to have that taken away.

This is is contrary to his preference, now that he is once again capable of having a preference. In fact, he finds it unacceptable.

Having been steadily regaining something which could, generally speaking, be referred to as his faculties, Erik has been gradually taking a more active role in the administration of the Avengers. Gradual, of course, until the group was suddenly left leaderless by Motyl’s absence and he – seeing no other practical option – stepped up and seized the position of de facto leader.

This… has produced mixed results, wherein he has employed tactics which range from frighteningly effective to just frightening. Whatever else is going on, it seems obvious that without having a half-demon around to act as his voice of morality, Erik may slip straight past sanity and into sociopathy.

Dr. Erik von Wundras

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