Janiven Chandler

She'll offer you a plate of cookies and tips on running a rebellion.


Race: human
Class: Ranger
Deity: Desna
Alignment: Chaotic Good


“The first time I saw Janiven she was running through the streets of the city followed by a small band of brigands leading them away from the merchant’s stall they had been vandalizing. I thought she would need assistance when they disappeared into an alley, but the shower of arrows that rained down from the vantage point she had found on a nearby roof proved me wrong. She barely grunted in acknowledgement to my greeting. I later found her brooding in the back of a dark tavern drinking far more ale than was good for her. At frist she did not want to listen to a “crazy pointy-eared rainbow chaser” but I knew Iomede had sent this woman to fight by my side. I’ll never forget the glint of hope that entered her eyes when I asked her to dedicate her life to protecting the city she loves. She has proven to be a capable second in command and a loyal friend." ~ Arael

Janiven Chandler

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