Sakis Zcerneboch

With loving eyes embrace the cruelty that was done today.


Sakis sees himself as a bit of a revolutionary. There should be nothing taboo, no differences between each class- drow, some tolerable and partial allies, and their slaves. These are not differences of race- they are differences of power, and the drow are simply the most powerful. But even amongst the mighty drow, there are artificial divisions of power in the society. Socothbenoth’s realm was a paradise, and the other planes could learn from it. While this could even be viewed as a good, noble goal, a goal to eliminate prejudices, Sakis has already decided upon the best way of going about turning the world around. The only things standing between him and what he wants are a little bit too alive and not quite burning enough.

Pictured standing menacingly in his needlessly evil everyday attire.


Sakis was born slightly above average- he was talented enough to be considered nobility, but when one in twenty drow are, it’s understandably underwhelming, and in a matriarchal society… Slightly above average. While some females were more powerful than him, many more were not, and Sakis found this hierarchy puzzling when he came of age to join the military.

On his first day, Sakis set himself apart from his peers and quickly gained the attention of the leadership. Going far beyond the basic training mission that he was given, he set up an ambush and single-handedly defeated his target in unarmed combat, even managing to capture his foe alive. To everyone else, he had just jumped his commanding officer. Instead of being promoted for proving his strength, he was thrown into confinement until his “superiors” dealt with him.

Utter loss of power and fear of the unknown began to cause panic. Like many in times of need, Sakis turned to his house’s patron demon lord- Socothbenoth. If he made it out of this alive, he swore not vengeance, but that he would become a Blackguard; instead of hating the player, he would hate the game. Usually, it’s said that demon lords or any kinds of deities work in “mysterious ways,” and maybe some do. For the demon lord of perversion, responding to a naturally sexy worshiper was actually pretty straightforward. A portal to Cathedral Thelemic appeared, and Sakis stepped through.

A handsome, somewhat elven looking man greeted him, and he knew this to be his lord in his true form. There were several other demon lords talking on the other side of the room, but Sakis couldn’t recognize them. “I would have come to you, mortal, but I couldn’t just leave my domain to this group,” he said with a bit of a smirk. “To the point- your house has always served me, so I’m willing to give you a chance. You aren’t the first or the last drow to resist authority,” circling around Sakis, his smirk growing. "You don’t want to serve some mysterious cause for “the good of the drow,” a pawn in this game of life. You want to be the cause, and devote yourself to me. I can tell what you’re thinking, that men are discouraged from that path, from having a personal connection with a demon lord. It’s a bit late now, don’t you think?"

Sakis stood there, still unsure of what to do or say, but taking in every word. The demon continued- “In fact, it seems pointless that one must leave their life behind because their path in life is…” He trailed off, preparing to make a point. “Because their path in life is taboo. This displeases me. All of you mortal races avoid the forbidden, because your leaders know that the path will lead you to power. You give them so much strength when you show you’re weak!” Socothbenoth said this in rage, but restrained himself. “You can already tell that I have plans for you, can’t you? You will change these things in my name. But this will take time. While you grow stronger, I- we- have a task for you in Westcrown. The city is on the brink of a revolution, and you, young Blackguard, have many lessons to take from this dying whore. Go now and strike out against order at every turn- when the revolution starts, you will encounter it.”

A portal opened, and, without having said a word, Sakis stepped through into an unobserved alley as the rift closed behind him. He killed the first man that he came upon, then sprinted with his enchanted armor to a distant vantage point. It was time to learn about how this city works.

Sakis Zcerneboch

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