The Pathfinder Society

Killstring’s brief intro:

The Pathfinder Society is changed in our setting quite a bit, but not in such a way as to require significant alteration to the Module the game is based off of. A short summary:

Being that this is essentially a post-apocolyptic setting, most technological advancements come from discovery, and innovative ways of combining lost knowledge. The Pathfinder Society traces its lineage back to the first explorers who stumbled upon the city of Starspire (which kind of self-maintains) and it’s weird, exception-to-the-rule gnomish guardian.

A real quick shorthand that goes back to the Mass Effect example: if you think of Starspire as The Citadel, with the Azlanti & Thassilonians in something of a Prothean role, you’re more than halfway there.

There are no reapers, unless you count the Cthuloid critters approaching, but that’s my metaplot stuff.

Anyway! The Pathfinder Society is basically a well-oiled Ancient Relic Aquisition machine – they share the knowledge of what they find with pretty much everything that’s represented on the Starspire Council (once they’ve had first crack at it, of course). In exchange for these services, they get a lot of political sway, support from local governments, and first crack at all kinds of ancient goodies.

They’re by no means “universal good guys” – they have their own motives to be sure – but they’re usually a net positive impact.

We are not, in fact, hunting them down in this game. We’re trying to give them a boost, in exchange for society support.

In Cheliax, you see, the Pathfinder Society got kicked out, and forbidden to work within their borders. Presumably, this is the House of Thrune (Cheliax’s monarchical ruling house) trying to keep some ancient secrets to themselves, possibly relying on House von Wundras’ magical expertise to decipher them, thus giving Cheliax an advantage over other nations.

It could be a lot of things – but as the setting creator (not the GM), if I had to guess, I’d guess that it’s because Queen Abrogail Thrune thinks she’s sitting on one hell of a gold mine, doesn’t want to share, and will happily piss off large and powerful groups to keep it.

So yeah! We help the Pathfinders get some of their shit back, and in exchange we get the kind of financial and intelligence support that we simply couldn’t get anywhere else. Plus, if the rebellion goes well, we’re on good terms with a political juggernaut, or at least that’s the hope. There’s a lot of quid pro quo going on with our Pathfinder contactAilyn Ghontasavos.

The Pathfinder Society

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