Frakkin Blackguards

As days passed with my new station with the ‘Avengers of Westcrown, i began to find my niche. it is a pretty easy formula to follow. The group finds something that we want, or someone we want dead. everyone else is loud and distracting until im in perfect position, and then we all make with the beheading. Simple, but stunningly effective. While confident in my swordsmanship, i realise that we’ve been able to defeat beings far too difficult to take on alone. I earn my keep here, and the residents don’t mind or bother me much. Everyone is friendly, but not too pushy aside from Arial, although i’m not entirely certain that that man has much life expectancy in this city. I’d kill him myself if it wouldnt result in my being chased off. I think… ive come to like it here. even if only a little.

which brings me to Sakis. Blackguards are always trouble. Always. The few times i’ve worked with them have been miserable experiences one and all. Unfortunately, Motyl’s penchant for recruiting everything includes rediculously, over-the-top evil humanoids in copious amounts of black armour. The harder part to swallow is that I can’t get a read on this particular blackguard. Normally, its not that hard to figure out what one wants, they aren’t exactly subtle. And yet, why Sakis would choose to lend his considerable combat strength to our parties cause is a bit of a mystery. He’s apparently spent some time on the streets as he seemed to recognise my name, although what he’s actually managed to dig up is beyond me. Perhaps i can utilize my assassin’s reputation to dissuade him from trying anything… Stupid.

-in the forums tab, under character interactions, please read the conversation titled “Ninja death threats”

[kicks table] Frakkin blackguards! I wasn’t aware to the degree that rumors were spreading about my previous employment and i’ve no idea how he managed to dreg that up. figures the one blackguard Motyl hires couldnt have been in and out with the trash. i’ll need to keep an eye on him.

Frakkin Blackguards

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