Westcrown Primer

For eight hundred years, Westcrown was the capital of Cheliax, the rumored birthplace and home of the god Aroden and a shining example of the greatness of the Chelish nation. Known as the “City of Nine Stars”, Westcrown was a classic, enlightened metropolis, even a rival to Starspire as a destination of religious pilgrimage and tourism.

Then everything went quite literally to hell. Aroden – instead of returning in triumph, died. The Cataclysm struck, the Faeplane destroyed, and The Armageddon Engine tore its way through reality. Indeed, through realities.

This, for the record, sucked.

Back in Cheliax, a bloody civil war swept over the nation, and decades of turmoil and strife plunged the city into despair. The ascension of the House Thrune to the Chelish throne in 4640 AR cemented Westcrown’s fate, as the capital was moved north to Egorian; no longer the City of Nine Stars, Westcrown now became the “City of Twilight.”

The remains of the Chelish nobility huddle in Westcrown as a home-in-exile, as the city itself crumbles under the weight of mismanagement, crime, and a mysterious plague of creatures that hunt the streets at night.

If only some group of terrorists well-intentioned revolutionaries would do something about its current state.

Westcrown Primer

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