Westcrown's Economy

Because of its excellent location along the coast of Cheliax, Westcrown is an extremely active shipping port, receiving and shipping all sorts of goods and items for transport throughout Cheliax via the River Adivian, which flows into the city from the north. The city is speckled with numerous warehouses and docks, and in the mornings Westcrown has the spirit of a active, mercantile city.

The center of trading and commerce is located at the Trivardum, a large, slate-shingled building that houses all sorts of merchants, taverns, ambassadors, and government offices.

The western side of the city hosts the Spera (“Hope’s Alter”), a thriving, bustling commerce district filled with scribes, printers, money lenders, blacksmiths, tanneries, and the like. It also houses the Avengers’ International Exotic Goods Emporium.

The ruins in the northern part of the city house the Dusk Market – which, while a significant contributor to Westcrown’s economy, is perhaps better classified as part of her underworld.

Westcrown's Economy

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